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Feature Sponsor: Lisa Grennell

Lisa Grennell FeatureAd

Hello guys, I wanted to introduce you to my first ever feature sponsor! Do you remember the screen printing course I did back in December? Well this is the queen of screen printing herself- Lisa Grennell. Below are a few photos of her artwork and a bio. Make sure you check out her website too. Its full of the amazing artwork she does.

Lisa Grennell FeatureAd1

Lisa is an emerging New Zealand artist with a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design from the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, 2010.
Lisa runs private screen printing workshops from her home studio in Nelson and dedicates her time to print making and sketching. This she describes as a “nice balance” from the random, instant expression of screen printing, to the methodical precision of fine detailed drawing. Lisa’s art practice is inspired by her love of nature. Her use of the soft delicate markings of the pencil represents the vulnerability of our bird species. In contrast, the ‘Monarch’ sits in its hierarchical position, unthreatened and dominant. This deliberate act is the artist’s expression of how our existence is governed.
Her prints are based on a similar theme, however the use of children draws upon her own experience of motherhood with concern for the future, modern technology and vast changes in ethical and moral standards. The stenciled Street Art inspired pieces are direct and ‘in your face’; referencing the loss of innocence, “Our children are growing up too fast”.

Lisa Grennell FeatureAd2

If you want to read more about the few days I spent with Lisa you can read about it here. She is extremely talented and I highly recommend her course! Lisa will also be doing a special giveaway during this month so make sure you like her Facebook page so you don’t miss out!xobec

DIY: Fabric crochet rug

Fabric Crochet Rug 3

Today I’m sharing with you a rug I made using old curtain and sheet fabrics- the perfect way to recycle! All up I spent $13 on the fabric and it took me around 5 hours to complete. If you know how to crochet, then this will be easy! If not, follow my instructions below…or if you’re still stuck just Google how to crochet a simple oval or circle.
Supplies needed: Long strips of fabric! I cut mine to a width of about 10cm. Make sure you have HEAPS! This small rug used a sheet and 2 curtains. A crochet hook (because I didn’t have one, I used my fingers to loop the whole rug!)

Fabric Crochet Rug 1

1. What a chain link looks like. 2. To start your oval shaped rug, chain link a long piece of fabric. I did 7 stitches but if you’re making a circular rug just do less. 3. Once you get to the end, turn back onto your chain links and find the second hole from the end, this will be your first crochet stitch! 4. Pull your fabric through the hole. 5. Loop this around your crochet hook or (in my case) finger. 6. You should now have 2 loops on your finger. Loop once more so there is three. 7. Pull the third loop through the first two. If this is too confusing, just youtube how to do a single crochet stitch.

Fabric Crochet Rug 4Fabric Crochet Rug 2

Continue along the chain stitch until you come to the end. To go around a corner, all you have to do is three of these crochet stitches into the same hole. This curves the end. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look like anything at this point because once you get further into the rug, it will take shape. If your rug starts to curve in like a giant fabric bowl, just add more stitches in. Have you ever made a rug from something recycled? How did it turn out?
Looks who’s trying to claim my new rug! Too cute. xo Bec

Fabric Crochet Rug 5

DIY: Reupholstering a chair.

Today Im sharing a few photos and hopefully some useful tips on how I reupholstered this chair for my studio! I have been hunting around for a chair I liked but couldnt find one so found this one and decided to adjust it :) Here is what it looked like to begin with:

First I unscrewed both the seat and backrest then cut out my chosen fabric so that I had about 3cm at the back to fasten it. Using a staple gun, I did one side and then its opposing side. I found this to be the best way to do it as I wanted the pattern even and not warping. For the corners I simply tucked in the edge of the fabric, making sure each corner looked the same. Also make sure you mark the spots where the screw holes are! Just incase you cover them up.

Reattach to the chairs frame and you’re all done! I decided to leave the wooden arm rests as I liked them and their worn look. This project took me a few hours to figure out and complete but was totally worth it as I have my very own custom studio chair! xo Bec

Studio Snapshots

Ive been wanting to start a new feature on my blog that shows a bit more of my daily life and what goes into the work behind Clouds of Colour blog and Shop. So welcome my new feature- Studio Snapshots! I will be showing photos of pieces im working on, what my studio space looks like and what inspires me. Hope you guys enjoy this! Im excited to show you all a bit more of ‘me’ :D If there is anything you would like to see or know about just let me know, xo Bec

Yes these are toe socks, its sooo cold here at the moment that I wear them allll day!