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Shop: Black & White Elephants

B&W elehpants + aztec by Bec Brown

Happy weekend friends! Today I am heading to an engagement party at the beach – what a beautiful way to start the weekend. What do you have planned?
A little art update – this black & white elephant print has been added to the Clouds of Colour Etsy Shop. I did this a few weeks ago using ink pen and Indian ink. I really cant wait to produce fabric & wallpapers some day! xobec

Shop: Green bicycle

Green Bike, blue door by Bec Brown

Good morning friends!
I have been working on this commision piece this week – a green bicycle + green doors. The idea/mood behind it was the feeling of having just been to the morning market to collect beautiful flowers (and eat a quick croissant & coffee!). I love the blue doors that the bike is leaning on (that was a last minute addition) – I think it really adds to the overall mood.
This artwork is available as an 8×10″ fine art print on Clouds of Colour Shop.
Have a lovely day!xobec

Etsy photography – things to consider!

Bec Brown Blue Peacock A5 Notebook 4 Cactus_pots1

I have a lot of people asking me why my photos are the way they are, on Etsy. With plenty of white, soft tones and bright pops of colour and similar background textures/colours.
Before opening my shop, I researched which images stood out for me and, most importantly showed of my art beautifully. After experimenting, my conclusion was simple – white!

Etsy Photography tips -shop

For this I have two main reasons:
1. Shop layout.
I love having a consistent and interesting design as soon as you visit my store. I want the overall look of my store to feel as though you’ve just walked into a little Clouds of Colour boutique.
My 3 main points I keep in mind when photographing my products is white, clean and with enough space around them so that when they’re cropped for my front listing image, they don’t get cut in half.

Below is an example. See here you can crop the image for the front page viewing? By having alot of white space, the image can be cropped and the product still all in view.

Etsy Photography tips - cropping

2. Treasuries
I get so many views and sales from being featured in Etsy treasuries that it’s worth considering them when you’re photographing your products. Have a look through the treasuries and see which ones you like and why. I particularly love ones like the one below –  with a mixture of products, white space, beautiful photography that focuses on the product.

Etsy Photography tips - treasuries

Things to consider!
What products catch your eye when your viewing Etsy stores?
Do you have a favourite background colour or texture that compliments your products?
Find 5 treasuries you love and write down why.
Test out the negative space around your product. Once the photo has been cropped for your shop front page – is half of it getting cut off or featuring your work perfectly?

I hope these tips have helped in some way! Do you have any favourite tips for photographing products?xobec