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Shop: Black & White Elephants

B&W elehpants + aztec by Bec Brown

Happy weekend friends! Today I am heading to an engagement party at the beach – what a beautiful way to start the weekend. What do you have planned?
A little art update – this black & white elephant print has been added to the Clouds of Colour Etsy Shop. I did this a few weeks ago using ink pen and Indian ink. I really cant wait to produce fabric & wallpapers some day! xobec


My new home away from home! After a trip there last November, I couldnt believe how in love I fell with the place. My partner and I felt so at home that we contemplated just not leaving! But came to our senses and realised it was probably better just to make it a regular destination. For any of you that haven’t been, GO! And for all that have, you’ll probably understand my love for the place.

~ 10 reasons I love Phuket ~

♥ The friendliest, most hospitable people I have ever met. The staff at our resort would greet us every morning and even on my partners birthday they all came out with a cake and sang and danced to us. It was the funniest rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ we had ever heard!

♥ The Buddhist culture and religion. We hopped on a scooter and drove upto the massive Bhudda which sits high on a cliff looking over Phuket. Totally breathtaking. I also had the best coconut ice-cream ever there!

♥ Fooooooood. If you love Asian food then here is where it is at its best. Fresh seafood and vegetables, watermelon shakes, curries and spring rolls…the list goes on. You can get entree’s, 2 mains, a couple of drinks each and still get change from a AU$20.

♥ Being able to scooter around the whole island by ourselves and all for under $10 a day!

♥ Cheap markets with thousands of different Rayban sunnies for $3 each…needless to say, I have a rather large collection now. I also went a bit Kaftan crazzzy while I was there as they were all under $10 each so I stocked up! Move over Camilla, Ive got the Phuket edition :)

♥ Being able to ride an elephant (my faaaavourite animal) through the rainforest while our little trek guide, who obviously only knew one English word, kept pointing into the forest and yelling ‘monkey!’ at every noise.

♥ The way they sold gas for our scooters. It was anyone and everyone selling it, many of whom didn’t speak any English. One place we stopped at had a wee child and her grandma fast asleep on the couch outside. The little kid shook the grandma until she woke up to serve us! So care free.

♥ The MOST amazingly perfect beaches…crystal clear water and beers brought to you while you soak up the sun on a deck chair.

♥ Being able to drink out of fresh coconuts and pineapples. On a particular beach we were at, we ordered a drink and watched the man go and chop the coconut down then continued to make our drink. My mouth is watering at the thought of it now haha :)

♥ The sales men at the markets, fighting for our attention. My partner being Maori got alot of ‘Oh hey bro!’, ‘Yeah Kia Ora’ then they would all break out into the Haka, howling with laughter as they did it. A friend of ours who has long dreads got called Bob Marley’s sister the whole time. We thought it was the most funny tactics and wondered what it would be like to test it back in Sydney. Maybe not…

X Bec