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Two cute little duckies having a chat!

I followed these two little duckies for about an hour yesterday. They just swam around chatting to each other. Check out the image where I got one in mid-speech! Also I got an image of one closing its eyes…I had never seen ducks do this before! Love it :D Its very safe to say that duck season is my least favourite season! Just look at these cuties…! xo Bec


Just incase nobody knew… I’m in love with anything that has birds on it. I think they just make a picture, pattern, or drawing beautiful. So todays 5 photos are of a few of many bird photos.

I absolutely love this image, we fed this little guy bits of apple which he happily gobbled up!

These two hung out with each other the whole time Arlo and I were having a picnic, very cute couple dont’cha think?

Native New Zealand pigeon that reminds me of home.

Have a beautiful weekend y’al! X Bec