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Phone Photo Friday.

Friday! Here are some of the photos that I took this week on Instagram :) My week consisted of blogging (of course!), photo missions at a local garden, thrifting and a beautiful picnic with my lovely Arlo. Next week ill be away for a few days as Im heading over to a family bach where there is the most AMAZing photo opportunities there so Ill be sure to show you all some more kiwi landscapes :) Have a good weekend! xo Bec
PS: I had my FIRST sale on Etsy this week!!! Im sooo overwhelmed and excited :D :D

Two cute little duckies having a chat!

I followed these two little duckies for about an hour yesterday. They just swam around chatting to each other. Check out the image where I got one in mid-speech! Also I got an image of one closing its eyes…I had never seen ducks do this before! Love it :D Its very safe to say that duck season is my least favourite season! Just look at these cuties…! xo Bec