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Art: Doodle doo

Rooster Bec Brown 1 Rooster Bec BrownRooster Bec Brown 2Hellooooo! I have had an amazing weekend in terms of getting more art done. Here is one I just completed for the Art Expo. It is now off to the framers, ready to be taken to another home (I hope!). It is so hard selling some of my art because I get so attached to them and the process its taken to get to their final stage.
I have named this one ‘Doodle Doo’ which I think fits pretty well!xobec

Shoot it, Sketch it: Doily Rocks

Rock Doily Doily Rocks 2

I’m back again for the Shoot it, Sketch it feature! Last week Alana from The Little Leaf and I did an art project inspired by the desert so I missed the feature.
Today I drew the doodle rocks that were featured in this DIY a few months ago. Ive kept them sitting on this doily ever since!

If you would like to join in with this feature, simply take a photo of anything and draw/sketch/paint it. Then leave a comment on this post letting me know!
Make sure you check out some of the others that take part: The Little Leaf, poppytump, Lunch Sketch, twoscamps, Anna Cull, BreOfficialSite and 30 Minute Art.xobec

Art Project / The Desert: Day 3

Sunset Tree 2

Art Project / Inspired by the desert: Silhouette Tree

Today is the last day of mine and Alana’s mini drawing project. It was hard getting these 3 pieces out on time, we both felt pressured and were chatting every day with new bits of inspiration, what we could draw and pinning ideas on Pinterest! I chose to doodle the silhouette of a tree against a huge orange sun in the desert. I like the simplicity of it with one big pop of colour. xobec

Shoot it, Sketch it: Me holding a flower!

Hello hello! Today I have chosen to use a photo of me holding a flower! I always loved this photo but didn’t have a use for it- perfect for Shoot it, Sketch it! Its been so cool seeing what you have all been choosing to draw for this feature.. I love what Anna and Alana have been coming up with. Check out their awesome blogs! If you want to join in, just leave a comment on this post and link back to Clouds of Colour… then we can check out your art too! xo Bec