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DIY: Paper doily popcorn holders

Doily popcorn holders 5 Doily popcorn holders 4

We had a group of close friends around for our Christmas Eve dinner. I wanted to display the popcorn in a more fun way so made these super simple yet effective holders.
First I cut black paper into an A5 size and twirled it into a cone shape, securing with tape. Next I used a white paper doilie and secured with bakers twine.

Doily popcorn holders 1Doily popcorn holders 3

I love simple ways to display food like this! You could also use them for chips, sweets or dried fruit pieces.xobec

Shoot it, Sketch it: Doily Rocks

Rock Doily Doily Rocks 2

I’m back again for the Shoot it, Sketch it feature! Last week Alana from The Little Leaf and I did an art project inspired by the desert so I missed the feature.
Today I drew the doodle rocks that were featured in this DIY a few months ago. Ive kept them sitting on this doily ever since!

If you would like to join in with this feature, simply take a photo of anything and draw/sketch/paint it. Then leave a comment on this post letting me know!
Make sure you check out some of the others that take part: The Little Leaf, poppytump, Lunch Sketch, twoscamps, Anna Cull, BreOfficialSite and 30 Minute Art.xobec

Monthly Recap: August 2012

This month has been jam packed with me designing prints, enjoying the warm sunny days and photographing Spring (yay!). Favourite DIY projects this month have been the Leaf Dreamcatcher, Chevron Flax Bag and the revamp I did on this set of drawers. I loveee my two Doily prints here and here and was lucky enough to be featured on My Craft Assistant with the Earlybird print. Also if you havent checked out my post Red Velvet, check it out and let me know what you think!

Heres to September, Spring, my birthday and our trip to San Fran! Yipeeee :D xo Bec