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Shop: Follow Your Art

Follow your art - floral print Follow you art by Bec Brown, Clouds of Colour 1 Follow you art by Bec Brown, Clouds of Colour 2

Its actually kind of funny how this art print came about – I was scouting quotes on Pinterest & read a ‘Follow your heart’ quote wrongly and thought it had said ‘Follow your art’. Dannnng thats clever! BOOM lightbulb moment – new print design. Follow your art with a floral heart – print now available on the Shop. And heres the result. Its everything I’m about. I love this piece so much that I went straight to the picture framers. If you need anything framed head to – The Framing Rooms, Collingwood Street, Nelson. They are just delightful!

DIY: Paper doily popcorn holders

Doily popcorn holders 5 Doily popcorn holders 4

We had a group of close friends around for our Christmas Eve dinner. I wanted to display the popcorn in a more fun way so made these super simple yet effective holders.
First I cut black paper into an A5 size and twirled it into a cone shape, securing with tape. Next I used a white paper doilie and secured with bakers twine.

Doily popcorn holders 1Doily popcorn holders 3

I love simple ways to display food like this! You could also use them for chips, sweets or dried fruit pieces.xobec

Blogcademy Auckland

Blogcademy Auckland

This weekend I am heading to Blogcademy in Auckland and I couldn’t be MORE excited. Blogcademy is run by three super, amazing, sparkly bloggers – Gala Darling, Shauna from Nubby Twiglet blog & Kat from Rock n Roll Bride.
Blogcademy is a 2 day workshop designed to inspire, motivate and give tools to people who want to elevate their online presence & business. They look at social media, blog content, advertising, branding and moooore.
I am looking forward to sharing my recap from the course (and getting 2 days of exploring & shopping in Auckland!)xobec