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Art Project / The Desert: Day 3

Sunset Tree 2

Art Project / Inspired by the desert: Silhouette Tree

Today is the last day of mine and Alana’s mini drawing project. It was hard getting these 3 pieces out on time, we both felt pressured and were chatting every day with new bits of inspiration, what we could draw and pinning ideas on Pinterest! I chose to doodle the silhouette of a tree against a huge orange sun in the desert. I like the simplicity of it with one big pop of colour. xobec

Art Project / The Desert: Day 2

Panther 2

Art Project / Inspired by the desert: Colourful tiger…or maybe a panther?
So I’m not sure if this is a tiger/panther/lion… I will leave that up to all of you!
Today I used the same style as the owl and rainforest bird I did. LOTS of colour! This artwork doesn’t have as much doodling as I love the way the colour speaks for itself. What do you think it most looks like? Tiger? Panther? …
Remember to check out Alana’s drawing today!

Art Project / The Desert: Day 1

Cactus Flowers 2

Art Project / Inspired by the desert: Pink flowered cactus.
For the next 3 days, Alana from The Little Leaf and I will be drawing and painting artwork that is inspired by the desert. We love doing projects together. Not only can we encourage each other to get some work done but having specific themes always makes us think outside the box with artwork for our shops. I made a Pinterest board here to help me get started! We are planning on doing these sorts of projects all year so keep an eye out and if you want to join in, we would love that! xobec