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Snapshots from Los Angeles

Bec - Los Angeles street

Im baaack! From an incredible, hard, exciting, challenging and adventurous work trip to Los Angeles! We collected a huge amount of amazing furniture, packaged it all and soon it will be placed in the showroom where I work.
I learnt sooo much along the way and feel so privileged that, from a small town in New Zealand, I had the opportunity to travel overseas.
In this post are a few snapshots from the 2 weeks we were there…

Breakfass in America Breakfast - Abbot Kinney

Waaaay too many delicious breakfasts! I think I could almost start a blog on the food we found in LA – Im actually craving the above photo so much. One thing I really noticed was the food in LA; if youve been to Wholefoods you’ll know what I mean – I LOVE that place!

Graffiti Wall in a cafe - California Cacti - California    Venice Beach, California 2 Venice Beach, California

I had a few favourite spots that, if you’re visiting LA, I would recommend visiting…
♥ Venice Beach – walking along the beach at dusk you will see the footpath lined with performers, little random stalls and loud music. Its a very cool experience and is booming with atmosphere.

Long Beach, California

♥ Long Beach – I could totally live here! I loved the quirky and fun people, street food & second hand shopping/antique stores. We sat at a restaurant as the sun set and watched pelicans flying and diving into the water. Sooo cool!

Sunset - San Diego, California

♥ Ocean Beach, San Diego – there was a bit of a hippy vibe here, lots of surfers, loud music and crazy fun filled shops. There is also a pier that runs out inot the ocean and at sunset, the view is perfection.

Los Angeles city

Traveling is just waaaay too good for ones soul – you learn millions of things without even realising, your mind is opened to others lives and their cultures. The world is just so huge and is begging to be explored.
I love coming back home to family, friends and my own bed but I wouldnt give up experiences like this for anything.
Have you been to LA? Do you have any favourite spots? xobec


20130825-182130.jpg 20130825-182145.jpg

Since coming home from Japan I’ve found that I’m still completely addicted to the cuisine I experienced there. Everything is so fresh, interesting & full of flavour explosions!
So I’ve been experimenting with a few of my faves – Okonomiyaki, tempura, tofu dishes & konnyaku – it doesn’t beat the real thing but it sure is close!
I think next time I visit Japan, I would love to do a cooking course.
Do you have any favourite Japanese food or recipes? I would love to hear about them!

Japan adventure – Part 2

For part 2 of my beautiful Japanese adventure I’m sharing images from a road trip! We drove from Osaka for 6 hours to a cute little town, then on a boat for an hour until we arrived at a very remote island.

Japan island adventure 4 Japan island adventure 2Japanese green teaJapan traditional breakfast

We stayed in traditional style accommodation with public baths, slept on grass mats & futons and our meals (including breakfast) was a raw egg, seaweed, fish, pickled vegetables, miso soup & rice. I’m one of those travellers that will dive out of my comfort zone when it comes to food – and although I could hear my stomach yelling ‘hey this isn’t your normal cereal!’ – I tried a bit of everything. I loved having green tea with every meal.

Japan island adventure Japan island adventure 5Japan island adventure 3Japan island adventure 7Japan island adventure 1Japan island adventure 6

Oh. My. Goodness. I was in paradise. Crystal clear bluey green water, golden sand beneath my toes, blue sky and the company of 30 stunning Japanese people. I drank cocktails, ate more seafood than ever, had BBQ’s, tried to teach them English, swam for hours with the cute little kids… The days there, actually like my whole trip, ended far too soon.

Japan BBQ seafood Japan BBQ seafood 2 Japan BBQ seafood 1

When it came time for us to leave, it felt like most of the village came to wave goodbye to our boat. They gave us rolls of coloured paper tape to hold as the boat left the dock. Beautiful waves of floating paper connecting us until it couldnt hold any longer… The little kids I had played with at the beach cried. Wow, what a moment to treasure. It felt like a scene from Titanic!

Japan - traditional ribbon ceremony as the boat leaves 1Japan - traditional ribbon ceremony as the boat leaves 2Japan - traditional ribbon ceremony as the boat leaves 4

I loved every moment of this road trip and felt so honoured to be invited and so hugely welcomed. Moments like these make traveling one of my all time favourite things.