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Art Project / The Desert: Day 2

Panther 2

Art Project / Inspired by the desert: Colourful tiger…or maybe a panther?
So I’m not sure if this is a tiger/panther/lion… I will leave that up to all of you!
Today I used the same style as the owl and rainforest bird I did. LOTS of colour! This artwork doesn’t have as much doodling as I love the way the colour speaks for itself. What do you think it most looks like? Tiger? Panther? …
Remember to check out Alana’s drawing today!

Cute little corrugated shed.

I just thought this was a really cute little shed so wanted to share it with you all. And I loooove corrugated iron with all its different colours and rusting spots. This shed was actually perched right on the beach. Where I was standing to take the image was the high tide mark. Very kiwi and very cool! Have a lovely day! xo Bec

Sunset Stripes

This is a bit of a ‘before and after’ post for an art print Ive been working on. In some of my art, I like to use pencil first but in most cases I freestyle it and enjoy what comes out. At the moment Im loving geometric shapes so branching off a bit from my usual nature art, here is what Ive called ‘Sunset Stripes’. This print is now available on the shop! xo Bec

DIY: Recycled glass coasters.

So today Im taking on a craft challenge that Tracy from Momoftwosalums holds each month- this month is for coasters! I found these old glass coasters at the recycle shop, cleaned them up and got creating :)

I used a permanent marker to zentangle some simple leaves onto the glass then filled in the gaps with glass paint. Because I was drawing on the underside of the coasters I drew the design first then painted in the gaps. Doing it around the other way would mean the black lines arent seen.

Dont they work well together?! Now I just need to invite people round for tea to enjoy them :) If you want to get involved in next months craft challenge just pop over to Momoftwosalums blog here! xo Bec

Captured birth & death of nature.

For a while now ive been collecting these photos. I wanted to capture images of flowers at their birth and death. Theres such an obvious contrast in these images and I love how they’re still so beautiful. Hope everyone is having a good week… Im still busy zentangling! Is there anything else you would like to see me zentangle on? Thanks :) xo Bec