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Shoot it, Sketch it: Silhouette birds

Hello helloooo! I took this photo on my iPhone awhile ago and have always wanted to use it. Again I used this photo as an inspiration for the painting. Here are some fab bloggers that have been joining in with the Shoot it, Sketch it feature, check out their blogs! Alana, Anna Cull, Lunch Sketch and Poppytump. If you are joining in with us this week (or next) just leave a comment below so everyone can see your post! xo Bec

Phone Photo Friday

Another week…another instagram collection of photos. I really should think of a way to DIY these into something. Im enjoying recording my life in photos and flicking back through old phone pics. Spring is slowly coming to New Zealand! And I have so many flower photography to share with you over the next few weeks :) Have a lovely weekend! xo Bec