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Monthly Recap: August 2012

This month has been jam packed with me designing prints, enjoying the warm sunny days and photographing Spring (yay!). Favourite DIY projects this month have been the Leaf Dreamcatcher, Chevron Flax Bag and the revamp I did on this set of drawers. I loveee my two Doily prints here and here and was lucky enough to be featured on My Craft Assistant with the Earlybird print. Also if you havent checked out my post Red Velvet, check it out and let me know what you think!

Heres to September, Spring, my birthday and our trip to San Fran! Yipeeee :D xo Bec

DIY: Chevron striped flax bag

Hellooo! Today Im sharing a super simple DIY- chevron striped flax bag! I like using bags like this when Arlo and I get fresh fruit & vegetables from the market. Or it could be used as a summer beach bag. Supplies need: A flax woven bag, masking tape, house paint and a sponge brush. 

I got this bag from a discount store for $5 and using masking tape I designed my chevron pattern. Using house paint, I sponged on white. I found that sponging it on had a much better result than using a paintbrush. Wait for the paint to dry before carefully lifting off the masking tape. Voila! :D xo Bec