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Since opening my Clouds of Colour Shop, I realised that the main weakness I have had in terms of it running smoothly is the business side…accounting, paying taxes etc. It’s the only area I have no knowledge in and (to be honest!) am a little bit scared of. So I researched business courses in Nelson and for the past few weeks, have been attending a Small Business Management course. It feels really good to be stretching my brain in this area. Being a creative, I would love to just hand in a pretty painting for all my assignments but… that’s not allowed. And wouldn’t really help me gain the knowledge!
One lesson I’ve learnt- if there is something that you fear, go at it head on and learn everything about it. Breaking through areas that scare you is powerful and feels amazing.

These are a few snaps from my week of researching, coffee drinking and painting.
Have you done a business course? Any hot tips?


There is just something so satisfying about bookstores for me, I love buying books, I love sitting in the big leather chairs they have in bookstores so that I can choose my faves, I love browsing around with a fresh coffee in hand. But most of all I ADORE the smell of a new book. It may sound odd, but its like getting new stationery…that new clean, fresh, musty smell that is superb in its own little way. So next time you’re in a bookstore, give a book a sniff. I dare ya! :P X Bec