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Brainstorming ideas

I love having days where I brainstorm new blog and art design ideas, DIYs and photography missions. I can spend hours flicking through the internet, books and magazines. And I always find that having a cute book or folder to store them all in is all part of the fun! Here are few shots from an old ring binder which I covered with the same fabric as my cushion covers. Hope this inspires you too! xo Bec

DIY: Travel & passport organiser.

Hey guys! So ive been thinking (and getting excited!) about our trip to the US and decided some DIY’s are in order! So first up is a passport holder. I love having heaps of space for tickets, pens, maps and of course thy passport! Here is one that I made out of an old book…

Supplies needed: An old book, any lace or ribbon strip, hot glue gun, craft knife and metal ruler.

First I gutted the book out with a craft knife and metal ruler. I left the two end pages which I then cut to size to cover the centre of the book (see photo 2, 3 & 4). I used a hot glue gun to secure this.

Next I hot glued a piece of pleather (found at any craft store) to the front and inside. Make sure you leave about a centimeter either end. This will get covered up later with one of the pockets so dont worry if its a bit messy on the inside! Using one of the cut out sheets of paper I hot glued the edges to the book and cut accordingly- this is where my passport fits! You can add the same on the other side or, like me, make a smaller pocket using the same technique. For the pen holder I used some of the same paper and glued either edge to the inside spine.

Clean up any edges by using a craft knife. Voila! Im thinking a matching bag tag of some sort may be in order…! xo Bec

THE ARTISTS WAY…an inspiring read!

For any of you that are in need of some artistic inspiration, I totally recommend a book called The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. It’s written as a 12 week course so you have tasks and homework to do. It shows you how to get rid of any self doubts or worries that stop you living your creative dream. I’d love to know what you think of it! Or if you’ve read any other good books let me know as I’m always in need of some more inspiration. Hope you all have a sunny weekend! X Bec