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My art mojo is back!

Processed with VSCOcam

I don’t know what it has been but for the past 6 weeks I have had a complete art block. I haven’t even been able to pick up a paintbrush! I’m blaming the fact that it’s summer and all I want to be doing is lying the sun, walking on the beach, berry picking and eating ice-creams. Lots of ice-creams.
But….FINALLY (and I wouldn’t usually push myself to do art) I did push myself. I sat up in bed with The Mentalist on and said go Bec go. And this is what I produced – black and white birds and floating feathers.
I am soooo pleased to have my art mojo back!
I’m now working on a series of black and white collections like this one. Sometimes it’s good to push yourself and sometimes its not. In this case – it was! Yay!
How do you get your creativity back if you ever have a block?xobec

Monarchs in the spring

Monarch on red flowers 1 Monarch on red flowers 2 Monarch on red flowers 3 Monarch on red flowers 4

Eeeeee SPRING! A few photos from last weekend when I walked through a local flower garden and found these beauties! Which is your fave image?
Today I’m going to start a new painting – on canvas instead of paper though. I found an art easel at the recycle center for $4! And it inspired me to think bigger with my art…excited to see what comes of it!xobec