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New Zealand Photography: Sunrise & silhouettes.

So just to have you all feeling a bit jealous of where I grew up, I took some sunset photos of  what can be seen almost every morning from the front lawn. I have a whole folder of sunrise images from my childhood, always different and totally spectacular! I hope this makes you all want to visit NZ! :D xo Bec

Hiding Peacock print is up!

Hey guys! Ive been working on a slightly new style with my art, keeping the watercolour more confined and drawing over it after. Let me know what you think! (prints available on the shop here). I have sooo many more to show you but to get started, heres a hiding peacock! :D xo Bec

Beautiful bird photos! Kingfisher.

Im too excited about these cute Kingfisher photos to wait until tomorrow to show you so here ya go! Mum and I went for a wander at an inlet today (more photos to come) and I got a few of this little guy. Isnt he the cutest :) Unfortunately he was up quite high so my photos are a weeeee bit blurry but I still love them! xo Bec


Just incase nobody knew… I’m in love with anything that has birds on it. I think they just make a picture, pattern, or drawing beautiful. So todays 5 photos are of a few of many bird photos.

I absolutely love this image, we fed this little guy bits of apple which he happily gobbled up!

These two hung out with each other the whole time Arlo and I were having a picnic, very cute couple dont’cha think?

Native New Zealand pigeon that reminds me of home.

Have a beautiful weekend y’al! X Bec