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Art: Peacock

Peacock drawing Bec Brown 1 Peacock drawing Bec Brown 2 Peacock drawing Bec Brown 3

The final piece of art for my collection going to Art Expo Nelson! This beautiful peacock.
This week is going to be sooo busy setting up for the Expo, working full time and keeping up with orders on my Etsy shop– remember there is FREE SHIPPING available until the end of July! Just use the code FIRSTBIRTHDAY at the checkout.
Have a lovely week friends…xobec

A creative collaboration

The Seamstrees NZ Clouds of Colour 1The Seamstrees NZ Clouds of Colour 2The Seamstrees NZ Clouds of Colour 4

Ohhhh man I.AM.SO.EXCITED. Look at my new hoodie!
A few months ago, Paula from The Seamstress NZ approached me asking if I would like to do a design for one of the stunning hoodies she makes. I was way too over excited then, and now after seeing the end result (and wearing it!!) I can hardly contain myself. I’m in awe of how ultra amazing and talented she is. She uses old vintage fabrics to line the hoodies and during these cool winter days, its the perfect snuggly accessory.
Make sure you check out her online shop here and like her Facebook page so that you can keep up to date with her beautiful designs.
What do you think?!xobec

Starlings at Sunset

Starling birds at sunset 2 Starling birds at sunset 3 Starling birds at sunset 4Starling birds at sunset 1 Starling birds at sunset 6Starling birds at sunset 5

A few nights ago as I drove home from work I noticed these birds on the horizon in Nelson. They were swirling around the trees together at sunset. Their beautiful silhouettes captured us both. So last night we headed down to the beach with the camera, in the hope that they would still be there and they were! Apparently they are starlings and have been here for the past few days. I’m not sure what they are up to but if you’re in Nelson, head down to Rocks Road! It really is breathtaking.xobec

DIY: Floral bird iPhone case

iPhone Case DIY 1

Good morning! Today Im sharing how to make your own iPhone case! I really love this DIY and have been using my case ever since I made it. You know how much Im addicted to birds and floral so this is perfect!
Firstly you will need to source a clear iPhone case that is the same size as your model. I found mine on Etsy. Other supplies: Paper, black pens, a pencil and scissors.

iPhone Case DIY 2 iPhone Case DIY 3

Using a pencil, stencil your iPhone case onto the paper. Sketch your design inside this stencil and go over it with the black pen. I coloured in the negative space so that my bird was floral.

iPhone Case DIY 4 iPhone Case DIY 5 iPhone Case DIY 6

Cut out your design, then using a craft knife cut out where your camera lens is. Insert into the clear case and you’re ready to roll. Time to go thrifting…! xo Bec

iPhone Case DIY 7