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Shoot it, Sketch it: Seagulls

Seagull PhotoSeagull drawing 1

Today’s Shoot it, Sketch it is of some very stylised seagulls at the beach. I did this onto a large A3 piece of watercolour paper and am sooo happy with the result! The seagull in the middle looks like he is wearing a suit of armour, ready for war!
Some others that enjoy this feature are: The Little Leaf, poppytump and Jo Ann.
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Phone Photo Friday

Phone Friday 18.02

Hello lovely friends! Here is this weeks Phone Photo Friday. I have been a lot of work on the blog this week and will be sharing a post as to what exactly is going on. Pretty much, I have left WordPress and become self hosted. Which means that I will have more control over my blogs layout and in the future be able to have sponsored posts as well as advertising – exciting! Check out one of my new features below…little thumbnails of other posts you may like! xo Bec

Shoot it, Sketch it: Starfish

Starfish Beach 1

Do you remember these photos I took awhile ago and posted here? Well I decided to draw one for today’s post in beautiful bright colours! If any of you want to join in on this feature, just leave a comment below with a link to your site! A few others that love to join in each week are The Little Leaf, poppytump, Lunch Sketch, twoscamps and Anna Cull. It’s just a fun feature that is designed to get your creative ideas flowing and for us to all share each others work! Have an awesome week! xo Bec

Starfish 2

Blue bottle jellyfish

Bluebottle Jellyfish 1

Have any of you seen these before? They’re very common on New Zealand beaches. Called ‘bluebottle’s’, they give a very nasty sting with their long blue tentacles! You can read more about them here. Hope you’re all having a fun weekend. I’ve been commissioned to do a very large painting so am starting it today! xo Bec

Bluebottle Jellyfish 2Bluebottle Jellyfish 3

Sandy Starfish

Starfish Beach 1

I didn’t think much of these photos until I got them home and saw them on the computer- especially in black and white! I love that the subtle textures lightly outline the starfish. Tomorrow something a wee bit special is happening for Clouds of Colour. I will be guest blogging on one of my favourite New Zealand blogs! Tune in tomorrow to see where. I’m so excited! xo Bec

Starfish Beach 2Starfish Beach 3