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DIY: Chevron striped flax bag

Hellooo! Today Im sharing a super simple DIY- chevron striped flax bag! I like using bags like this when Arlo and I get fresh fruit & vegetables from the market. Or it could be used as a summer beach bag. Supplies need: A flax woven bag, masking tape, house paint and a sponge brush. 

I got this bag from a discount store for $5 and using masking tape I designed my chevron pattern. Using house paint, I sponged on white. I found that sponging it on had a much better result than using a paintbrush. Wait for the paint to dry before carefully lifting off the masking tape. Voila! :D xo Bec

DIY: Simple clutch

Hello hello! Today Im sharing a few images of a clutch I made with the help of my mums cousin. She is extreeeeemely talented in the sewing department and has designed and made the most amazing quilts. She is also one family member that has always been interested and encouraging towards my creativity. So I was excited to have the chance to work alongside her and get a few sewing tips.

I wanted to make the clutch from this old shirt so we cut out the back panel and ironed it. For the clutch we used a simple rectangular design and sewed up the bottom edging. We also used the shirt pocket for the interior pocket of the clutch which I love! For any of you that know how to sew then this will be a super simple DIY…for me, there was a lot to learn! And I had fun learning from the queen of quilting! xo Bec

Phone Photo Friday.

Its that time again! Phone Photo Friday. Since signing up to instagram a week ago, Ive found myself taking alot more photos- hence the new layout for today! Ive been doing sooo many zentangles, thrifting and eating this week! Its also my little friends 8th birthday party tomorrow so some DIYs are to come of what I made her :D Have a pearler weekend y’all, xo Bec

What’s in my bag?

Yes… im still super excited about my new vintage bag so heres another post relating to it! I find it interesting to see what is in someones bag, its so personal…some people carry the world in there, some only the necessities. How can males go without one? Ive tried only carrying a wallet and I feel…well…naked!


3 favourites things that I always carry in my bag are

A fresh spray of Daisy!
My wee notebook full of blog and business ideas.
A wee wooden elephant that i’ve had for years, I like to think of him as my good luck charm :)

What is in your bag today?

X Bec