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New Zealand Photography: Moooooo!

Here a few more kiwi photos for you all… The subject of this post: this beauuutiful cow! She stood there posing the whole time I was taking photos. So sweet. Apart from the amazing photo opportunities in the New Zealand countryside, I absolutely LOVE the smells here. The distinct and unexplainable smell of sea spray across native NZ bush. If any of you ever visit NZ I highly suggest going waaay out into nature and just sniffing! haha xo Bec

New Zealand Photography: Little black swans.

These swans live on the coast of the top of the South Island of NZ. Appariently they arrived here from Australia in the 1960’s. I think they make beautiful silhouettes against the water. Maybe its time to draw one! xo bec

Tuatara print is up on the Shop!

This NZ Tuatara print is up on the Shop! Hope youre all having a good start to the week. Im busy working on more prints, Etsy photos and more blog ideas :) So glad you are all enjoying my recent photography posts, I have sooo many more to show! :D xo Bec