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Snapshots from Los Angeles

Bec - Los Angeles street

Im baaack! From an incredible, hard, exciting, challenging and adventurous work trip to Los Angeles! We collected a huge amount of amazing furniture, packaged it all and soon it will be placed in the showroom where I work.
I learnt sooo much along the way and feel so privileged that, from a small town in New Zealand, I had the opportunity to travel overseas.
In this post are a few snapshots from the 2 weeks we were there…

Breakfass in America Breakfast - Abbot Kinney

Waaaay too many delicious breakfasts! I think I could almost start a blog on the food we found in LA – Im actually craving the above photo so much. One thing I really noticed was the food in LA; if youve been to Wholefoods you’ll know what I mean – I LOVE that place!

Graffiti Wall in a cafe - California Cacti - California    Venice Beach, California 2 Venice Beach, California

I had a few favourite spots that, if you’re visiting LA, I would recommend visiting…
♥ Venice Beach – walking along the beach at dusk you will see the footpath lined with performers, little random stalls and loud music. Its a very cool experience and is booming with atmosphere.

Long Beach, California

♥ Long Beach – I could totally live here! I loved the quirky and fun people, street food & second hand shopping/antique stores. We sat at a restaurant as the sun set and watched pelicans flying and diving into the water. Sooo cool!

Sunset - San Diego, California

♥ Ocean Beach, San Diego – there was a bit of a hippy vibe here, lots of surfers, loud music and crazy fun filled shops. There is also a pier that runs out inot the ocean and at sunset, the view is perfection.

Los Angeles city

Traveling is just waaaay too good for ones soul – you learn millions of things without even realising, your mind is opened to others lives and their cultures. The world is just so huge and is begging to be explored.
I love coming back home to family, friends and my own bed but I wouldnt give up experiences like this for anything.
Have you been to LA? Do you have any favourite spots? xobec

Excitement, Adventure & Exploring!


As some of you may know I work full time as a Graphic Designer at a furniture store called EDITO, as well as working on my art, blog & design for Clouds of Colour. EDITO is SUCH an exciting new business in Nelson – filled with international flavour, beautiful furniture & homewares. It is suuch a creative environment & works perfectly in with my already jammed packed life – which I totally enjoy and cant get enough of.
Last night I had a phone call from my bosses asking if I would like to go on a buying trip for the store …..wait for it…..to Los Angeles!!! My reply… Ohhhh YES!! Followed by a lot of dancing around the room with excitement.
Its amazing – when you set goals and dreams and then they become a reality your whole soul is overwhelmed with emotions. Im big on setting dreams, its what moves us forward and when we achieve them – well I cant even explain my feeling right now – just the biggest WOW!
So guys – Im off for the next 2 weeks on an adventure of a lifetime. It will be quiet on the blog but Ill be sharing fun creative images on Instagram & Facebook so you can follow along & see whats happening.

Bec - summer fields

My words of advise for you all would be…
These two sentences are what get me to each amazing point. Life is beautiful!


PS: My ETSY Shop will be closed until Im back. You can still place orders & they will be shipped ASAP =)

Traveling solo

portrait 1

My holiday to Japan is the first trip I have taken by myself (and met a friend there).
I didn’t really think about the fact that I was traveling alone until I was on the plane to Japan and sat next to a woman who, when I said I was traveling alone, said ‘oh gosh you’re brave, I couldn’t do it’. It hadn’t struck me as anything until then.

Pink Flowers Japan Rice Fields Japan Temple Japan

I found that traveling alone – catching airplanes, trains & buses, experiencing other languages & cultures opens your eyes to a whole new part of your personality. It was interesting seeing how I felt along the way: what scared me, made me laugh or cry, or made me happy or excited.
I learn’t a lot about myself and how I handled different situations – parts of it definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone which I loved and other times were easy.
I think it’s really important to have these experiences in your life even if, at the time, it’s super scary!
Just a little thought I had on my travels… =)

Japan adventure – Part 3

Japan - summer festival Japan - summer festival 1 Japan - summer festival 3Japan - summer festival 2Japan - summer festival 4

Part 3 – a very cool surprise from my best friends family. I knew they had a surprise for me but I thought it was a picnic at the beautiful beach we arrived at as the sun went down. Then a friend of theirs arrived who is well know for kimono dressing – she had brought a special kimono for me to wear for the night! She dressed me & I went outside to be greeted by a boat of excited Japanese people who wanted to take photos! we then boated out to watch the AMAZING summer festival fireworks!

Japan - summer festival fireworks 2 Japan - summer festival fireworks 1

As the fireworks were being let off, they let red & white candles out into the water so that they floated around the boat.
It was pure magic.
I felt overwhelmed and honoured to have such an experience – and the photos to prove it =)xobec

Japan – a quick update!





Good morning friends! A few images from my week so far in beautiful Japan! Exploring streets, trying the Japanese cuisine, getting an asian style mani + pedicure, getting lost, having people want to touch my blonde hair, Starbucks, photography galore, temples & castles, shopping! humid & hot, beach visits and more. The people here are soooo kind and generous. I am in love with this holiday!! I’m excited to share more photos with you when I return to New Zealand. xobec