Sunny day platters

Spring is now in full swing in New Zealand and I cant help but take full advantage of any sunny days. Eating fresh food by the ocean is my idea of perfect. Last weekend a friend and I ventured out to a cafe near the beach and ate these platters of delicious food. Ahhh yes, its these days that make me happy! What do you love to do on sunny days? xo Bec

8 thoughts on “Sunny day platters

  1. Yes you may! Hopefully I remember it all… :D First photo: Assorted breads, roasted red pepper dip, cucumber/yoghurt dip, marinated olives, balsamic/olive oil. Last Photo: Pastrami, salami, yoghurt/cucumber dip, hummus, marinated olives, red pepper and breads. Most of it is made in the restaurant I think :)

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