DIY: Labels for your storage

In mum’s kitchen every jar used to be labelled with a sticky note and her lovely handwriting explaining what was inside. I thought it would be cool to experiment a little with this memory and re-create the labels in a modern way while still keeping it vintage. And what better way to do that than with a freshly brewed jug of coffee!
Here’s how:

Items needed for your DIY are old jars (use any you can find, the more random the better!), a jug of freshly brewed coffee, glue and labels. For the labels I scanned in a drawing I had done of roses, in Photoshop I played around with fonts and borders then printed them out on A4 paper and cut around them all. Remember to soak your jars in hot water so the existing labels come off easily.
I made labels for all our spices and baking items but you could also make them for your office storage space- so cute!

Freshly brew a jug of coffee, you can add as much coffee as you wish depending on how dark you want the labels to be. I did a heaped tablespoon to one cup of warm water.
I then dunked the labels one by one into the coffee and left them to dry overnight on a large plate.

 They go all wrinkly and vintage which I just loved!
Next I used a normal paper glue to stick them onto the old jars and storage containers.
Fill with your spices and baking supplies. Voila! Your cute little labels await their new home :) xo Bec

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  1. very nice idea~! i don’t have a printer but i’ll try it with labels with labels i’ll make on my own~! thanks a lot for the tip~! =3

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