Studio Snapshots

Ive been wanting to start a new feature on my blog that shows a bit more of my daily life and what goes into the work behind Clouds of Colour blog and Shop. So welcome my new feature- Studio Snapshots! I will be showing photos of pieces im working on, what my studio space looks like and what inspires me. Hope you guys enjoy this! Im excited to show you all a bit more of ‘me’ :D If there is anything you would like to see or know about just let me know, xo Bec

Yes these are toe socks, its sooo cold here at the moment that I wear them allll day!

8 thoughts on “Studio Snapshots

  1. I made that one! Its on my blog somewhere… I carry it in my handbag incase I have a brilliant idea! Ohhh its sooo cold here at night but lovely sunshine in the day. Im looking forward to visiting the US this year and being able to enjoy some hot sun! :D

  2. I need a sweet little “blog ideas” book like that! And the socks look extra cozy. So crazy to imagine it being cold there now- it’s the hottest part of the year in Park City, Utah- USA. Thank you for writing!

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