Starlings at Sunset

Starling birds at sunset 2 Starling birds at sunset 3 Starling birds at sunset 4Starling birds at sunset 1 Starling birds at sunset 6Starling birds at sunset 5

A few nights ago as I drove home from work I noticed these birds on the horizon in Nelson. They were swirling around the trees together at sunset. Their beautiful silhouettes captured us both. So last night we headed down to the beach with the camera, in the hope that they would still be there and they were! Apparently they are starlings and have been here for the past few days. I’m not sure what they are up to but if you’re in Nelson, head down to Rocks Road! It really is breathtaking.xobec

22 thoughts on “Starlings at Sunset

  1. Such beautiful pictures! The Starlings look as if they are falling off the first picture, down into the second image. Really lovely. I have some very special memories of Starlings..

  2. Yes you’re right, it was perfect! I took some images of the sunset too, will put them up next week :) have a good weekend!

  3. Such pretty photos! They are really breathtaking… Wonderful way of finishing the day… with such a wonderful sunset dappled with this flock of birds!

  4. Ive been trying to take pictures like this for a year now! they always fly away so fast :( haha amazing shots :)
    -Deana, from Birds&Oxfords

  5. Seen this in France a long time ago Bec . Wonderful capture .
    It’s called a ‘Murmuring of Starlings’
    At roosting times in various parts of the country they start gathering in their thousands … swooping and swirling … such a magnificent display .. until they finally come to rest . Lucky you to see it :and then show us : -)

  6. I’m not sure where they come from or why they’re here Viveka but it is such a beautiful site!

  7. Amazing, where do they all come from …. start of with a couple .. and it grows and grows .. spectacular show to watch. We had them in Belfast .. every evening 5pm they had their free show. In the city center. Great gallery. Thanks.

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