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Snapseed App Lily 1Snapseed App Lily 2 Snapseed App Roses 1Snapseed App Roses 2 Snapseed App Seagull 1Snapseed App Seagull 2 Snapseed App Sky 1Snapseed App Sky 2

A few weeks ago I shared a few photos I had edited using the App VSCO. I had a lovely reader let me know about another photo editing App which she loves called Snapseed. I tested it out with the above photos and love it! It feels like the ultimate App for making your photos look vintage and aged. There are so many options and filters to choose from and adapt. Loveeee it! Being a huge film camera fan this kind of feels like cheating but at the same time it feels like such a different effect and vibe created. Snapping beautiful images with an old vintage film camera will never get old for me. There’s so much that goes into capturing a stunning image.
If you have any favourite Apps, please leave a comment below so I can check them out too!xobec

6 thoughts on “Snapseed Photo Editing App

  1. Would you allow me to use your after image of the birds on the roof for the cover of a book I hope to get published soon? If I get it published I’ll be willing to send you a copy.

  2. Yes these ARE nice Bec ! Have seen snapseed used to good effect in several peoples blogs . Isn’t it nice when someone can suggest a new thing to try out :-)

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