There is just something so satisfying about bookstores for me, I love buying books, I love sitting in the big leather chairs they have in bookstores so that I can choose my faves, I love browsing around with a fresh coffee in hand. But most of all I ADORE the smell of a new book. It may sound odd, but its like getting new stationery…that new clean, fresh, musty smell that is superb in its own little way. So next time you’re in a bookstore, give a book a sniff. I dare ya! :P X Bec

6 thoughts on “SMELL A BOOK!

  1. That’s true. Something you can’t get with e-readers… The manipulation of a book, his wear and therefore his own personality that you can feel when you read it is also something interesting which comes out with the time.

  2. I love the smell in second hand bookshops, it makes me fell warm and welcome. I agree with erinlizzie – bookshops are the best place to relax and gain inspiration.

  3. I’m SO relieved to know I’m not the only one who does this! I’m a complete bibliophile, and wandering bookstores never gets old. I sometimes feel like Holly Golightly with them instead of Tiffany’s… it’s so relaxing and inspiring to go to a bookstore – a cure for any kind of stress!

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