Shoot it, Sketch it: Starfish

Starfish Beach 1

Do you remember these photos I took awhile ago and posted here? Well I decided to draw one for today’s post in beautiful bright colours! If any of you want to join in on this feature, just leave a comment below with a link to your site! A few others that love to join in each week are The Little Leaf, poppytump, Lunch Sketch, twoscamps and Anna Cull. It’s just a fun feature that is designed to get your creative ideas flowing and for us to all share each others work! Have an awesome week! xo Bec

Starfish 2

22 thoughts on “Shoot it, Sketch it: Starfish

  1. A LONG time ago (in school).
    I actually really like it as a medium, but I need to learn the art of freedom in strokes and expression when it comes to paints.

    Takes time and practice which I don’t have much of at the moment, so I stick with what comes easy and gives results that I’m happy to share and post.

    … one day :)

  2. Love your starfish colour combinations there Bec, very pretty.. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see one like that whirling round the ocean :-D
    I’m all done -had an early start with it- lol now off to Bedly ZZzzz
    Have a great week !

  3. Hello Mel! Just take a photo of anything, than draw/paint/sketch it however you like. Leave a comment and the link on my post so others can see it too! Yaaay I’m excited to see your work :)

  4. Love the splashes of yellow and pink. I’ve never learned the art of applying colour abstractly like that – it always comes out looking like a mistake or too deliberate.

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