Shoot it, Sketch it: Lavender & Chive flowers

My Shoot it, Sketch it post is a wee bit different this week. The painting I did below was done on a canvas to put above our fireplace and was inspired by the vase of flowers I had just picked. So it isn’t an exact replica but was the inspiration behind it. This is usually where most of my ideas come from so I thought it would be nice to share it today! Inspiration is all around us and can pop up at any time! Remember to leave a comment below if you’re joining in Shoot it, Sketch it! xo Bec

22 thoughts on “Shoot it, Sketch it: Lavender & Chive flowers

  1. No hurry. They are didn’t get the Christmas cards because I knew it would be too late. I got the caterpillar and the dragonfly, I think.

  2. YAAayYyy thank you Dave! So cool :) I think your package will take a while to get to you because of Xmas but I will try to send it asap. Hope you’re having a beautiful festive season!

  3. Comically, I posted my comment about this painting on someone else’s blog on a post that was entirely unrelated to art. I’m sure that caused a bit of confusion! ;) I blame the WordPress iPad app, but really I must not have had enough coffee that morning. Anyway, this is stunning. Really beautiful, Bec. Kuddos!

  4. I am calling in here this evening from Cha’s Space
    and I am very pleased that I have too. your painting
    is wonderful my friend and I will be venturing further
    to see what other delights you have added :)

    Have a wonderful start to your week :)


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