Shoot it, Sketch it: Apples!

Apple Photo Watercolour Apples 2

Good morning friends! Here is this weeks Shoot it, Sketch it drawing. We have a family bach that has the most delicious fruit trees on it. Mum recently brought some apples back from there and I was inspired to draw some of them. I love fruit, it is the best snack. I also have wonderful memories of my brother and I running around the orchard at dusk, eating fruit and not going to bed until it was dark.
This drawing is now available on the Clouds of Colour Shop! I hope you all have a beaut week planned!
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13 thoughts on “Shoot it, Sketch it: Apples!

  1. Hi Bec that’s a lovely juicy painting …. such nice colour combinations !
    The real apples are so rosy red …reminding me of those in the Snow White story ;-)
    I’m done x

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