Rainy Sunday

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Sunday we explored. Overcast, raindrops & drizzly.
Hey bloggers…Its been forever since I did a personal post on here – or even posted much at all. I’ve considered getting back in to blogging and on some days, closing this site completely. But I love what is on here too much – and I’d feel sad completely leaving!
A lot has changed since I was last really on here. So I’m starting fresh! I want it to be more open & treated as a diary – rather than just a place to share art & crafts (with nothing much about me).
So for starters…my lovely readers…let me introduce you to Nick. He’s a brilliant photographer, dad (2 sweet little boys that I get to be the ‘cool mumma’ around) and is super hipster, creative, clever…the list really does go on. You can check out his photography here.
He’s the major reason I’m back on here blogging. On Sunday we explored and I finally felt the urge to get behind my camera again. I LOVE black & white images so much…so maybe that is what it will mainly be about.

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We’ve been through a heck of a lot together since we met… There are things I want to share in time.
But for now…heres us!
xo Bec

6 thoughts on “Rainy Sunday

  1. Awww you’re so sweet Poppytump! I’m so pleased my photos share how I’m feeling :) Have you got many goals for the year? xo Bec

  2. Your happiness is shining through your post here Bec … so pleased to here your little bit of news ! Am looking forward to your photography , art and anything else you’d like to share .Super photos to begin afresh with here … lots to enjoy in the coming year I’m sure :)

  3. Wow Liza – thank you. What a truly gorgeous comment. Really does mean a lot :) It is comments like these that make me happy to be back in the blogging world! I hope you had a lovely start to 2016…a new year, a new beginning! xo Bec

  4. I like that you love to write about your creative process. It is also really good to know that you’re creativity is coming from a happy place. If the excitement of your adventure through art and life inspires anyone else you have made a difference in the world. Do continue to blog as time and inspiration permit.

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