Quarter of a century!

Being 25! Bec 1

Yippeeee today is my favourite day of the year – my birthday! Every year I make a point of treating myself for the week before it and this year has been the best so far… manicures, champagne, fine dining with amazing family & friends, flowers and photography. This photo was taken yesterday – my last year as a 24 year old!
Quarter of a century feels like a pretty swell milestone. Bring on the exciting adventures!xobec

34 thoughts on “Quarter of a century!

  1. Hiiii poppytump! Thank you for your kind comment. Yes I have had an amazing year! Im excited for this one even more though…so many adventures need to be done! xx

  2. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Bec … I imagine you must be having a splendid day of celebrations ! What an amazing 24th year you’ve had I feel from reading and enjoying your creative blog . Everything coming your way :-)
    What a lovely photo of you !

  3. Happy birthday! Hope you have a good one. I like the idea of treating yourself the week before your birthday, I might have to try that one! x

  4. Happy Birthday Bec! You are sooo lovely in this picture, and in all the others of course! Hope you have a wonderful day, and new great and inspiring years further to come!,

  5. I know … Happy, me … *smile
    Today I have found out that I get more in pension – $28 more than I have before (had an agreement with my employer for 5 years) and that was good. Have done a post about, must be one of the only people that have gain on getting retired. *laughing

  6. Bec, I’m exactly 40 years older than you … scary stuff. Became 65th on 11th Sept, one disaster doesn’t comes alone .. my grandpa always said.

  7. Bec, only 25 …. can’t remember that far back *laughing – Happy Birthday and good luck with tomorrow and all the days that are just queening up for you. This photo is so fantastic of you. You’e such beautiful young woman.

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