9 thoughts on “Phone Photo Friday

  1. No prob. I’m so glad it’s in New Zealand in your bedroom!! Next time, I’ll paint an oil pastel portrait for you ;) You’re as famous as the other celebs on my blog. I’ll create a Bec&Arlo category someday lol ;)

  2. Heeeyyy Cha! I always think about you because the painting you did for me is in our bedroom. It looks amazing! And we always get asked who did it. I say, my beautiful blogging friend in France! Yes I’d love to follow you on Facebook! Can you leave the link on my Facebook page? Xx

  3. Hiii Bec! Awww you’re so cute on this pic with Arlo!! :)
    So sorry, I’m super quiet lately, BUT I’m just working hard on my studies. Really hard!
    Anyway, I’m following your beautiful posts on Facebook (actually twice with my 2 accounts lol). Could you pleeease like my page? Would make my day. And if you want to have some news, my account is Cha Dontchawannadream. It’s cool to catch up with everyone :)

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