Phone Photo Friday

Phone Friday 05.04

Arlo and I had sooo much fun on our Easter weekend away. No reception, New Zealand’s beautiful landscape, fresh fish and plenty of art and reading. I have a heap of photos to share! This week, Autumn has definitely hit with a cold chill in the mornings. It time to hunt out the scarves and wooly socks and prepare for the winter months.
What are your plans for the weekend?xobec

7 thoughts on “Phone Photo Friday

  1. Oooh I’v been very organised this week and my sketch is done yipeeee!
    Autumn is definitely almost here!

  2. After all your lovely Summer pictures Bec it will be a interesting to see Autumn soon through your eyes … obviously no too chilly for that yummy Ice cream !
    Enjoy your weekend …
    I’d best be hurrying off to think about my sketch ;-)

  3. Bec, you got me thinking there …. I thought I got my Swedish days wrong .. missed out on a whole day. Only Thursday afternoon with me. Love your coffee cups and the ice cream. I’m going over to my mum for a couple of days .. for the weekend.
    Enjoy yours.

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