Phone Photo Friday

Phone Friday 15.03

This week I made the BEST cake ever. See the recipe here if you want to test it out. I also got my new, beautiful camera. All paid for by my art sales and exhibition. I’m so soo excited and although I still have a lot to learn on it, I have been having a big play around testing out settings. How come I didn’t buy an SLR sooner?
In the following weeks, I will be sharing a few Easter DIY’s that I’m working on so keep any eye out. I hope you all have a fab weekend planned,xobec

6 thoughts on “Phone Photo Friday

  1. Thank you Laura! It really makes it all worth it when I get to purchase something like this! Glad you enjoy the Phone Friday feature :D

  2. green, green, green with envy re your new camera Bec but bravo re the sales. Look forward to some great shots – your phone friday collections are always a delight

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