Phone Photo Friday

Phone Friday 15.02

Hellooo! Yipee nearly the weekend and….my exhibition is next week eeek! So excited (and a little bit nervous) about getting everything sorted and looking perfect. Having an exhibition is definitely a lot more scary than putting your art on the internet for others to check out and enjoy. One thing I have found in the past 6 months (and what I love about the blogging world) is that every comment I have had has been positive. When people view your work in person you see their expressions and reactions which can be harder.
If any of you live close by, I would love to see you there for the opening! The info on it is here. Have a wonderful weekend!xobec

9 thoughts on “Phone Photo Friday

  1. Ohhh you’re so kind Dave! You and your wife should just quickly fly over! :D Thank you so much, that comment is lovely x

  2. You are most welcome. I’m jealous of all those people who will get to greet you in person at your exhibition. Wish I could be there. I expect you will see many positive expressions on faces. And the others don’t count anyway. :)

  3. Hellloooo Dave! I will fix the link now so you can check it out. Thanks you so much for stopping by!

  4. Bec, your info link on the word “here” is not working. I am very excited for you. Best wishes from afar and post a pic of the exhibit after all is said and done!

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