Peacock photos!

After drawing my Hiding Peacock zentangle, I was so excited to find this one to photograph! What beautiful colours. A friend and I were having a photo competition on this particular day so you can imagine how our eyes lit up at the sight of it… and the chance to take out the best photo prize. Which, come to think of it…we never announced! Hope everyones week is going well, its so frosty cold here this morning! xo Bec

8 thoughts on “Peacock photos!

  1. maybe a collage of the actual feathers with a resin coating or just a single feather or image. I like the end part of their feathers where the eye is, but they have beautiful colors throughout their whole body so I don’t want to miss out on that either.

  2. Great photos! Peacock images are always wonderful with great colors! I am thinking about creating something with their images or feathers, just haven’t narrowed down what I want to do yet :)

  3. Growing up there were a few neighbors who raised Peacocks and I always loved the brillance of their plumage. Thanks for sharing and those are amazing shots!

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