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  1. Oh yes, ditto! It does depend on how far one wants to go with it. It also depends on how one envisages an idea and its potential to become more developed.
    Harrods was amazing. I worked as Gift Wrapper, wrapping gifts for customers with ribbon, paper, cellophane, sequins, confetti, glitter and embellishments. Was AMAZING. What department did you visit when you were 11 ?

  2. Oh Harrods would be awesome! I have a faint memory of going there when I was 11 :) I know right…? I cant even imagine being un-creative! It seems to take over my life as a big whirlwind of fun and excited-ness! And I always believe everyone is creative in some aspect of their lives, it just depends how far you want to go with it!

  3. Haha, yeah same! I am finding it difficult to contemplate what I would do without my creative ideas and maybe what career path I would have taken if I had not applied to university. Probably working in a high street shop as a sales advisor would be the likely outcome, although the fashion industry is hard to get into, the case is not to get 1 foot in the door, it is 2. You need 2. Oh and it helps if you know someone in the company. So, in the past I have taken retail shop jobs and probably in the future I will still be taking them to live. One of those places was Harrods in Knightsbridge, London. I had such an amazing experience there! :)

  4. Yeah mee too!!! I love being creative… I was thinking the other day, what if I wasnt creative? What would I actually do with my life… And I still have no idea what the answer is but it was interesting to think about ;)

  5. Oh and thank you – Pattern Cutting is a lot of fun. It comes with its challenges but that is what is so good about it. It gets you thinking more creatively about fashion. What is conceptual and what is wearable, and more to the point it is most interesting when one finds a balance in between those two. I love dreaming up fashion. If you read my blog and refer to the comment “The wonders of these shoes” and later “The Shoe! Photoshop-ized : )”, then you will be full in the know about what I get up to! I can imagine many textures of fabrics draping from the waist and shoulders of a model walking up the catwalk. Another post of mine you may be interested in, “Gonzo: The start of his wardrobe!” I am making a full clothed suit and cape for the puppet. Click on it and you’ll see. :)

  6. Good afternoon Clouds of Colour! Indeed, anything creative inspires me. A while back I decided I would get all the old news papers and make an interesting collage, my collection of excess cuttings is still waiting around for me to get creative because lately I’ve been busy with work and distracted with other stuff. I just love being creative. And also, I love having conversations over WordPress with creative people as yourself. :) Have a nice day.

  7. Hey! Yeah I agree. I love to DIY anything that is going to be chucked out (as you can probably tell from my blog!). Pattern cutting sounds like so much fun, I look forward to seeing more of your work through your blog :) Im working part time in a home wares store purely for some money coming in but my dream is to live off my artwork, own my own business and be creative everyday!

  8. Hey Clouds of Colour, you are very much welcome. It was an honour to view your blog and I couldn’t resist adding myself as a follower! Any rainy days are well, at first one may think they are somewhat depressive and dull, yet it keeps you indoors. It’s the creativity indoors that inspires us and what is lying around the house. I find all of those cupboards around the house, crammed with creative objects that maybe before we never considered any relevance before, but now it works just nicely and in time with our creative thoughts. Sunny days work just the same though. :) I am a graduate in fashion and specialise in pattern cutting, flat pattern design, draping on the mannequin and sewing. I love designing fashion. So, that’s me. How about yourself? :)

  9. Hey Stitch Mode, thank you so very much :) Your rainy days sound so much more impressive than mine…What sort of work do you do? Ill pop on over to you blog and check it out now. Thanks for the lovely comment :) x

  10. I am inspired by your use of colours and different textures! Your blog is quite amazing and I will be following! :) Rainy days for me are those kind of days where I spend indoors painting, drawing, pattern cutting and sewing, blogging and watching a few films. However, sometimes, it is raining at work so therefore the ‘movies part’ won’t be included. Haha, just the paints, pens, fabric and pins then!

  11. Dear Bec I love your paintings… and also your presentation too… So artistic… The old books, porcelain cup, and crochet cloth and wonderful painting with black frame… Fascinated. Thank you with my love, nia

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