Our little puppy Frankie!

Frankie at the beach 2

I wanted to introduce you all properly to the latest member of our family… Frankie!
He is a beautiful little black lab (we think he has a mix of something else but not sure what) and he is just delightful. Sooo well behaved already.
We got him from the SPCA a few weeks ago. He had been dumped in a box on the side of the road and was then taken to the SPCA in Nelson. I cannot believe someone would leave such a gorgeous little animal like that. But on a positive note – we now have the pleasure of having him in our lives!

Frankie at the beach 4 Frankie at the beach 3 Waves Beach Frankie at the beach 1

Here a few snaps I got of him enjoying the beach for the first time… gaahhhh SO cute!
Do you have any pets? What do you love most about having them around? xobec

14 thoughts on “Our little puppy Frankie!

  1. His name is Gogh (his full name is Van Gogh but that’s too much of a mouthful so we just call him Gogh or other choice names depending on what he has done ;-) )

  2. Heeeey Bee!! Hahaha she sounds just perfect! It is the absolute BEST thing during childhood to have an animal friend to play games with :) Thank you for telling me about lovely Mabel! xx

  3. I totally agree Al – its just sooo horrible. Thank goodness for places that rescue them! What is your cats name?

  4. Awesome photography! I especially love the last one with him staring out to sea :-) Our wee miniature schnauzer Polly is currently pacing in the kitchen – waiting to see if we are going to put anything other than those dry bikkies in her bowl – sorry Polly – nothing else coming!

  5. So sweet. What a lovely thing for you to do. We have one cat. We used to have more animals, of which two were rescues. It is always a mystery to me as to how people could be so cruel to animals.

  6. I love our black labradoodle Mabel soooo much… she is such a part of the family – the way she puts her head on the bed by my face when we wake up and gets to jump in for a quick snuggle, she doesnt mind if you forget about her and accidentally leave her tied up at the shop when you get ice creams… ;), she takes herself off to bed really early in the evening like an old lady, but best of all i love to watch her play hide and seek with the girls. she knows the rules and.shes hilarious and has her mouth hanging open in a big grin xxx

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