New Zealand Photography: Little black swans.

These swans live on the coast of the top of the South Island of NZ. Appariently they arrived here from Australia in the 1960’s. I think they make beautiful silhouettes against the water. Maybe its time to draw one! xo bec

21 thoughts on “New Zealand Photography: Little black swans.

  1. Wow. Thankyou!
    BTW. I have a photo page (you will find it at the top left of the blog). I have temporarily placed 2 photos of the wild Bevy of Swans at the end for you. You can click them for the full size images.

  2. PS: I soooo want to comment on how totally AMAZING your latest drawing ‘Chasing Tears’ is. FAAAARRR out you are SOOO talented. I LOVE this drawing!!!! x

  3. These are great photos! I was Kayaking in the Noosa Everglades recently and came across a bevy of 13 wild swans – first time I’d seen them in the wild. Wanted so much to get close enough to capture them with my camera. But didn’t end up close enough or with anything as beautiful as this … the water certainly was not as blue. Well done! They are so elegant and graceful!

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