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I thought it was about time I shared a few photos of my neighbourhood- beautiful Nelson! I love living here. It is absolutely brimming with artists, delicious homemade food, seaside cafes, beaches, nature… the list goes on. Above are a few photos of Arlo and I enjoying Nelson as this summer comes to an end. The mornings and evenings are getting a slight chill in the air so we are savouring every last beam of sunlight. Although a hot cocoa by the fire doesn’t sound so bad either…
Have a fab week friends!xobec

13 thoughts on “My neighbourhood

  1. I’ve so loved your Spring and Summer in NZ photos Bec that even tho’ we are desperate for Springtime proper here in UK I’m up for an Autumn show case from your neighbourhood :-)
    Very serene …

  2. Especially with snowy topped mountains in the background…love! When you’re up next we will have to meet up Amie! x

  3. What a beautiful place to live! I just got back from being surrounded by the sea in the Bay of Islands, your so lucky to have the ocean at your doorstep! Even in the winter beaches are beautiful in a wild rugged way!
    xoxo Amie @ Spoonful of Vintage

  4. Fantastic shots …. I wouldn’t’ mind being in your neighborhood just now.
    I don’t know if you take a photo … on the photos with you and the camera – but I will give you an advice – always hold under the lens with one hand … maybe you do that normally.

  5. One day is one day and will shoot those gulls lying down and getting no sand in the camera, but for now as soon as I lie down the gulls take to the air.

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