13 thoughts on “MY LOVES OF THE WEEK ♥

  1. The hokey pokey! I hope that’s the old dance I remember and not another crazy kind of ice cream. :)

    I am fine and glad you are in your homeland again. I am going to have to find one of those fruits. Maybe this summer in Dallas or San Diego, they have big markets fancy markets. I like kiwis very much, so i am game for more of your specialties.

  2. Dave how are yoooou?! The fruit is sooo hard to describe! Its not like any other flavour in the whole wide world. And as for the icecream…its definitely the BEST…alongside hokey pokey!

  3. Hi, Bec! What does that fruit taste like – anything other similar fruit flavors?

    But that ice cream. Oh, Bec, that looks aweful. Please serve me chocolate or vanilla.

  4. I actually have no way of describing it apart from the fact that theyre totally amazing! :D Its a very strong taste that people seem to love or hate. Sort of tropical flavour with the texture of a pear, very juicy and very sweet when theyre perfectly ripe. Oww gosh you may need to come to NZ and experience them! x

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