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It’s been suuuuch a whirlwind crazy week! A few months ago mum and I decided doing up a house would be a fun adventure together – so here we are. Over the past week we have packed and lifted and are slowly putting everything into it’s right place. It is crazy how much ‘stuff’ you accumulate over the years. I’m excited to share our journey as we do up the house and as you can imagine, I have hundreds of super amazing ideas!

Yaaay for my word ‘adventure’ this year! I hope you’re all having a memory making & exciting week,xobec

7 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Just your regular fish and chips, tacos, muffins, cupcakes, cakes, coffee, tea, etc…I worry that no one will come, but the trick is to think positive, right? How are your renovations turning out?

  2. Hello! Wow your mums project sounds sooo exciting – a cafe! What sort of food will be served?

  3. Good luck to .. you – there will be some sore arms, back and neck – but I hope we will see the results in the end. Will be here waiting. *smile

  4. I sort of get what you’re going through. My mum’s redoing my grandma’s old home and turning it into a cafe, “on a budget”. So most of the furniture is from our house, and I’m helping out with the painting, and nail pulling, and general house arranging. It’s slow-going, but mum got to look over our own house, and she realized that, “wow, we have a lot of stuff piled up, huh?” It’s crazy having to rearrange everything as well, choose colors, move furniture etc. Hectic. I just hope the cafe turns out okay. Congrats on what you and your mum are doing. I definitely want to see what your ideas are on decorating a house.

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