Monthly Recap: May 2012

Good Morning all! Here is May’s recap. I feel like ive been zentangling like crazy for the Clouds of Colour Shop, my faves have been the Red Poppies and Blue Owl. And of course some DIYs including the String Lightshade, Polka dot table runner and the paisley tights I worked on with Diary of a Mad Crafter Blog. Make sure you check out her blog, she does some AMAZing DIYs- very inspiring! I look forward to working with her again in the future!

June is here already! I plan on showing you more of beautiful New Zealand, zentangling AND finishing the giant zentangle! It neeeeds to be finished :D Thanks lovelies! xo Bec

8 thoughts on “Monthly Recap: May 2012

  1. Chhhaaaa how are you?! Ive got alot more NZ photos to come :) I love that my name mean kiss! Imagine if I visited France and said my name was Bec (kiss), the boys would love it! hahahaha

  2. Really nice!!
    Can’t wait to see more of your work and New Zealand!
    I’m really impressed ’cause you publish every day. Quality & Quantity :)
    Did you know that Bec means something in Québec French? It means “kiss”. “un bec”= a kiss on the cheek/ a friendly kiss lol I’m not from Québec but it’s really cute and I wanted to share!

  3. Yeah ive done it since I started blogging in January. I find its really good for any newbies to my blog, they can click on the best bits from that month. You should test it out to see if you get more followers!

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