Monarchs in the spring

Monarch on red flowers 1 Monarch on red flowers 2 Monarch on red flowers 3 Monarch on red flowers 4

Eeeeee SPRING! A few photos from last weekend when I walked through a local flower garden and found these beauties! Which is your fave image?
Today I’m going to start a new painting – on canvas instead of paper though. I found an art easel at the recycle center for $4! And it inspired me to think bigger with my art…excited to see what comes of it!xobec

18 thoughts on “Monarchs in the spring

  1. If only. No… even with a really good discount and free delivery, it was still quite a bit more than $4. I love it though. I wouldn’t be without one now. I hope you enjoy yours.

  2. gorgeous! I love the 1st & 3rd ones, but they are all lovely :) It’s just turning colder here but those butterflies make me happy for spring! haha.

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