Long weekend

Brook Sanctuary Nelson 2 Brook Sanctuary Nelson 3 Brook Sanctuary Nelson 4Brook Sanctuary Nelson 6Brook Sanctuary Nelson 1Brook Sanctuary Nelson 5 Brook Sanctuary Nelson 7

This weekend has been a long one in New Zealand. With sunny days and snowy mountains.
Mum and explored the beautiful Brook Sanctuary – we walked for about an hour enjoying the fresh air, New Zealand nature, birds chirping and skimming stones in the river.
I came back feeling refreshed and ready for some creativity.
How was your weekend?xobec

9 thoughts on “Long weekend

  1. Those sort of weekends are the best Janine! Glad you had such a relaxing time. Are you getting excited about blogcademy? Not long to go now!

  2. oh the leaf shot is my fav! Sounds like you had a relaxing weekend. I had a relaxing weekend and realised it’s the first weekend in ages where we had nothing scheduled, we spent Saturday and Sunday just being at home and relaxing and reading and watching some films. Monday I caught up with friends. I hadn’t realised how much I needed a long relaxing weekend. But it was a good thing looking at how busy November is going to be.

  3. Yeah its supposed to be summer! We have sunny days but there’s still snow on the mountains! You will have to visit NZ sometime Viveka :)

  4. Great gallery … looks more like a jungle *smile
    Snowy mountains??? Don’t you have summer soon – I know that you’re able to ski in the summer down there. *smile

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