16 thoughts on “Little leaf bokeh

  1. I have had a point and shoot up until 2 months ago. I cannot believe I went so long without one! They’re soooo amazing! Thank you for stopping by Dave :)

  2. Isn’t exploring new ways of seeing fun? Way to go, Bec. People tend to associate this look with macro and tele lenses. Poor me just has a point and shoot, but by getting as close as I can and shooting at the widest f/stop I still get some very nice images like yours. I like your third image the best because you chose a more coherent grouping of stems for the primary subject and squared up to them better, so they all remained in focus more or less. When depth of field is shallow and you have multiple items you need to keep in focus, always square up to them like you did in #3.

  3. We are getting autumn here in New Zealand though! So lots of pretty brown leaves for me to crunch on the foot path!

  4. Love when the buds start to shows … it’s the this longing and the proof that the Spring will be any day – here it’s not this not so far gone yet. Maybe in 2 weeks time, but we have it sunny and warm. So spring is truly in the air. Great gallery.

  5. Thank you for the awesome advice Sharon!
    PS: I keep trying to check out your blog but it comes up with an error? Ive been clicking on the link when you comment

  6. I agree with newsferret, I use my Nikon 28-300mm and get stunning bokeh! Keep experimenting with your manual settings and you may surprise yourself at what you capture :) looking forward to seeing those photos!

  7. Thanks Charlie! I know, the blogging world really is amazing!! Thanks for stopping by :)

  8. Thanks for the tip newsferret. Ill keep that in mind next time. And you’re totally right, playing is how you learn!

  9. Great images, I look forward to seeing your progress. If you reach out on Facebook and in the blog word you will find large numbers who will share their images and technical information, it is an amazing treasure.

  10. Enjoy playing it is the only way you will get to know your camera. I do not know what make and model you have, but I found with my old Sony as well as with my current Nikon that for macro photography if you you have the space the telephoto zoom works better than the macro setting. Good luck in getting to know your camera.

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