January Recap

January 2013

Can you believe how fast January went by? If that’s the rate we are going by, this year is going to fly! I have achieved so much this month; a lot of artwork has been added to the shop as well as organising an exhibition for this month. I’m enjoying doing some larger pieces which I will show you all when I’m done.
My fave DIY’s this month were the crocheted rug and floral bird iPhone case.
I have so many things on for Feb and am excited to keep sharing little snippets from my world with you!

7 thoughts on “January Recap

  1. Thank you Amie! Im working very VERY hard haha up at 6am…bed at 10pm…doing art, photography, blogging and working :D Do you have sponsors?

  2. Thanks Viveka! Yeah I love doing them because any new followers can then catch up on whats been popular etc :)

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