44 thoughts on “It sure was…Super Moon!

  1. that photograph catured the sporadic moments of beauty in our lives, for the most part we get bogged down by the details-i really need to take more time to be in the moment,
    thank you

  2. Haha thats just the way I talk…as in popped/put your photos up on your blog :D
    Yeah I love my camera! Highly recommend it. The main reason I got it was because of how light it is, e=perfect for traveling with!

  3. Bec, What does pop up your photos means?
    I was using a Canon PowerShot S3 and I know the camera well but sometimes you just cannot get the shot.
    I also checked out the link to the Nikon P500 and I may have just found a replacement for my S3 when I decide to retire it. I love using the zoom and the proof is in the shots of the moon you took that this camera rocks! Very nice!
    As always thanks for sharing!

  4. Very nice! I love photos of the moon. I didn’t have much luck with my point and shoot because the moons brightness caused me issues in the digital zoom end of the lens range. I got a couple of it with the optical zoom but iI think is is equal only a 80mm lens on a DSLR. So the super moon was not so super in that regard but Iit as cool to look at!
    By the way what type of camera do you use?

  5. done and done! I’ll make sure you approve of what I’ve done ;)
    I’ll be re-drawing it entirely I just love the detail of the photo. Very Inspiring

  6. Fantastic shots Bec….I thought about going out last night to have a try myself but was hosting friends for dinner and thought it might be a bit rude! However, I’m glad I could enjoy the spectacle vicariously through your work….thanks!

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